Blog Action Day

October 15, 2009

It’s a rainy day in the 40s here in Baltimore, rather unseasonable for this time of the year. Could this early Noreaster be a product of funky weather patterns? Could be.

Global environmental change has been a big issue since modern industrialization. For years the environment was neglected, until certain health effects became evident. Al Gore can credited with bringing the issue to the forefront with his documentary, though progress has been slow. Things are starting to pick up now in the front of global environmental change.

Here at Johns Hopkins, a new major was even created, Global Environmental Change and Sustainability. (I entertained the thought of double-majoring but I realized I could not pull it off). With the number of students gaining human capital about this issue, we are taking the first step towards resolving it. It is possible that too much damage has been done already, but the effort to fix the damages is full-fledged.


Radical Changes

July 7, 2009

Judging on things I have seen on my Facebook news feeds, I expect radical changes. Not really to me, but people around me. Stagnation does not stay constant for too long, there has to be some degree of vicissitude in life. With that being said, I have no idea what will occur. Or if I’m ready to embrace it all.


June 21, 2009

June 2009, going into July, my first blog entry of the year. I don’t give a shit about anything I put out into the internet I guess and this is a good epitome of it. But the cool thing about internet is the accessibility of dilapidated things. It’s like you junked a spaceship into outer space and could track it down easily after decades and ride it out again. Jesus, the world we live in.

Speaking of the world we live in, the carnage and chaos going on in Iran is unsettling. I really think some bullshit was enacted by Ahmanehijad (bleh at spelling). I appreciate the courage of those defending their personal voices, but I fear for them. I cannot see the future, or what will emerge from this mess.

Faith No More is back. This is a dream come true for all fans. I wish I discovered them earlier in my life. I had to pla Maddon 2005 before I heard of their name.

Organic Chemistry is inexorably difficult for me. Others, its alright. Not for me. I honestly would just like to pass it and wing it or whatever. That is not my plan. But if it does happen, so be it. I would have completed it. I truly do find some Organic Chemistry to be interesting. It is more interactive then a lot of kinds of science. But it is just impossible for me to do well in the subject, so it will definitely be something I will forget afterwards.

I recently watched Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives, a BBC Documentary from 2007 about Eels singer/writer Mark Everett’s journey into his father’s mind. His father Hugh, was the creator of the Many Worlds Theory. As a guy who likes Eels more than ever, and had a past interest in Quantum Physics, it was arguably the best documentary I watched in years.

That’s all for now. Who knows if I will write again? I probably will.

NYC Tax Plan

December 20, 2008

So now that the US economy and those of many other countries worldwide have been sucked into the deep maelstrom of shitstorm, government officials are doing their best in finding a way out. New York has had an issue of a budget deficit for many years going, and it has steadily increased to $15 billion now. This has resulted in Gov. Patterson planning an “overload blitz” tax of some sorts, with 137 new or increased taxes. These things include soft drinks, cigarettes, alcohol, clothing, game tickets, etc. Basically its a huge tax on luxury goods. 

Some of the taxes on goods are useful in some perspectives. The soft drink tax has been tabbed to combat the trend of youth obesity. There’s even a plastic bag tax for grocery bags, in an environmental stand to reduce plastic usage. And many of these taxes are targetted at the upper class, so they won’t be really hurt by this.

While I agree that this deficit must be dealt with, I am afraid with how this will affect the middle to lower class people in NYC. The soft drink tax could be detrimental to all those people who drink soda out there (a lot) and also another increase in the MTA fare will hurt as well. There’s also the increased tuition for city and state schools. 

Some people have resorted to ascetism, whether spiritual or voluntary in order to cut down on personal costs. Resorting to this kind of lifestyle is a challenge and not everyone will be able to handle it. So it is not a solution for everyone. Everyone will have to deal with these taxes, the question is how many can make it out in one piece.

Moribund Banality

December 3, 2008

The semester is almost over, hopefully I won’t have to go through another semester like this. I just need to find clear focus and study for my 2 or 3 finals. I am still fiddling around with my schedule next semester, hoping to add a Baseball class. The chances are slim however, since it is waitlisted. 

There is nothing to talk about until later. A dead blog, a boring post.

What can I do.

Ideal Activity

November 25, 2008

I would really like to smash some glass right about now. Bottles, lighting tubes, windows, screens, the like. Just to see it completely destroyed with little effort, little shards flying helplessly in the air. Just cool to see where the glass will break, and into how many little pieces. Alas, I can’t really do this without attracting a crowd. Also, I would just laying glass outside, which is nothing that should be done. And I can’t really do it indoors either, because I don’t want to clean up the broken glass. When I go home on Wednesday, I would love to just break some bottles in my backyard. But then I have to clean it up becuase I don’t like leaving shards outside for my family to step on. Why can’t there just be a place reserved for people to smash glass without a care for cleanup? Just need to relieve the stress by smashing glass, can’t even do it…

From Out of Nowhere

November 1, 2008

This blog was pretty much dead for the second half of October. It is still kinda dead to be honest as I lack the energy or time to maintain it regularly. The fact that I failed almost all of my exams compunded with the regular business that is sophomore year prolonged it all till this post. I thought I might as well beat the dead horse and write something that encompasses things going on and/or whatever that has changed for me.

  1. November the 1st. October was a wicked blur of shit, piss, and alcohol. Grades sank to new depths, concepts became more hazy, life somehow got worse. I was at the point of not wanting to live, seriously. But being the anti-suicide guy I am, I thought that it is just better to cope and be bitter for a while. And I was becoming an alcoholic for a while. Not a real alcoholic but I seemed as if I was.
  2. The stress has been alleviated momentarily but it will never really end for this semester. I have to really study organic chemistry all the time now because I am not getting a C as of now. This does not sound good at all, as this may threaten a concentration shift in my major if I do not pass. Goddamit.
  3. I am a little happier now and Family Weekend here seemed to lighten things up for me for some odd reason. Just going outside and seeing all these happy parents and children, coupled with the 10 star weather we are having here in Baltimore, makes one feel good inside. 
  4. Halloween was a fairly fun day. Tried this Espresso Vodka, that this girl gave me. She was enamored with it, and I emphasize the word enamored. Also had some Jim Beam and some wine. The wine made me realize that I hate wine, again. And socializing with people is good as a catharsis from the stress. Made me feel better again (See 3).
  5. Been doing a little bit of everything at the Rec Center. They are setting up a Diwali festival here, which means that all the courts are closed and I’m not really doing much for the next 2.5 hours. I also got some free hamburgers and hot dogs from the Fraternity sponsored grill for the football game. It’s good to have free lunch. Who said there is no such thing as free lunch?
  6. The presidential election is coming up soon. Hopefully Barack can pull it off and hopefully deliver “the change America needs”. I think I missed the New Jersey voting deadline so I fucked out of luck. Oh well, I live in the most Democratic-sponsoring county in New Jersey so they won’t hear me. Still if there’s a chance I could squeeze my vote in that would be awesome.
  7. Though the Rays lost the World Series by “defeating themselves”, this is only the beginning. Harassment of the American League will go on for years. I guarantee it.